Understand Personality development

Understand Personality development

What is Personality development ?

Personality development is a very complicated topic on its own. There are numerous definitions of personality development. Personality in its simplest definition , it's a combination of mental, physical and also behavioral characteristics and also characteristic patterns that we display in our life.

Most people tend not to understand what personality development is and others go to an extent of ignoring its meaning in life. Personality is recognized mostly in the fields of profession. You will find that most firms train their stuff on various skills like:

  • Communication skills,
  • leadership
  • How to be creative

and many other skills. These are what they refer to as personality development.

Deep Understanding of Personality development

This is true but that truth is that they have not covered personality development in a deeper perspective. This is because they have only dealt with the external part of personality development. The most vital part in this field is the body and the mind. There are so many books which are being sold in the markets which talk about ways of winning and being happy,

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but the question that you should ask yourself is how many people read them?
These books will only talk about positive thinking but people do not know how. Thinking will not make you positive, you need to act on your thinking. You have to tune your mind and also do a lot of practice on the same. You have got to have a strong foundation of the mind and body for you to come up with a greater personality development.

The first move in personality development is to admit that you have to improve your personality. Yoga also plays a big role in personality development. Yoga states that the human body is made up of five layers.

  •  The first layer is the conscious layer, these is the layer that is related to the things that we do with our physical body like walking and talking.
  •  The second layer is the subconscious layer which deals with the physical activities that we do in our subconscious like digestion in the stomach.
  •  The third layer is the mental layer which is related to thoughts, mind and also emotions.
  • There is also the intellectual layer which is the layer that decides on what is right and what is wrong.
  • The last layer is the blissful. This is the layer that relates to our joy and happiness.

When we do a deep meditation we get this joy. You will realize that all these layers affect our personality in one way or the other. Our personalities are categorized according to conscious physical personality, subconscious, mental, intellectual and spiritual personality.

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